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Corpus Collection

The Digital Speech Processing Group at ARCON Corporation is available to generate speech corpora for use in speech science or speech communication research and test & evaluation purposes. Over several years, ARCON has collected a number of speech data bases.

    These have included:
  • LL/FBI - a custom corpus of speech in reverberant and babble environments using specialized sensors.
  • LL/ASE - an extensive multi-sensor corpus in extreme acoustic noise environments with acoustic and non-acoustic sensors. The estimation of speech parameters and the intelligibility of speech transmitted through low-rate coders are severely degraded when there are high levels of acoustic noise in the speaking environment. The application of nonacoustic and nontraditional sensors, which are less sensitive to acoustic noise then the standard microphone, is being investigated by DARPA's Advanced Speech Encoding program. Sensors investigated include the General Electromagnetic Motion Sensor (GEMS) and the Physiological Microphone (P-mic). To enable this research, a pilot corpus with simultaneous recordings from multiple sensors has been collected by ARCON Corporation under subcontract to MIT Lincoln Laboratory. This report describes the corpus collection, including corpus structure, acoustic noise environments, speech materials, the sensors, and baseline intelligibility evaluations. The corpus includes Diagnostic Rhyme Test (DRT) word lists, sentence lists, and Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC) nonsense words. Noise environments include the M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle (M2), Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT), UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter (BH), and a Military Command Enclosure (MCE). This pilot corpus has been utilized by a number of DARPA-sponsored research teams for R&D on advanced speech encoding.
  • DDVPC - a test corpus that uses resident sensors in military acoustic noise environments. In-house - a test corpus recorded in typical mobile phone environments.

The generation of a speech corpus requires a diverse set of experience and capabilities.

    These include:
  • Corpus design
  • Multi-channel capability
  • Storage and distribution
  • Acoustic and non-acoustic sensors
  • Human factors
  • Noise field simulation
  • Audio, computer, human factors expertise
  • Scripted and conversational material
  • Resident and calibration sensors

The Digital Speech Processing Group at ARCON Corporation possesses all these capabilities and the required experience.