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Digital Speech Processing

Subjective Evaluations of Voice Communication Systems

ARCON maintains an evaluation facility that meets or exceeds the specifications recommended by the ITU-T with the flexibility to perform a vast array of subjective test methods in order to evaluate the intelligibility and quality of voice communication systems. A trained crew has been maintained for nearly thirty years for the implementation of the Diagnostic Rhyme Test (DRT), the US government standard for evaluating the intelligibility of voice communication systems. ARCON conducts speech quality tests using the Absolute Category Rating (ACR) method such as the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) as well as the Degraded Category Rating (DCR). ARCON has also performed tests in speaker recognizability as well as preference or verification testing using an A/B test method.

In addition to all the above mentioned listen-only test methods, ARCON conducts dynamic communicability testing using a proprietary test method where communicator pairs exercise the complete system under simulated acoustic and channel conditions in order to evaluate the dynamic aspects of performance. The complexities of multi-speaker conferencing performance have also been evaluated.

ARCON also provides in-depth analysis of raw test results. Our personnel have decades of experience in the application of statistical tools and analysis methods to provide the customer with a clear picture of the performance of a given system. ARCON's experience with both the test methods and coder implementation provides us with a unique perspective on diagnostic test results that allow us to provide the customer with solid information and advice on paths to system improvement.

For a more complete description of ARCON's capabilities follow this link Subjective Test Methods. A review presentation covering the use of subjective test methodologies in the development of voice communication systems was presented in November of 2003 at the Center for Advanced Information Processing (CAIP), Rutgers University by J. D. Tardelli of ARCON. This presentation can be viewed in PowerPoint by clicking on this link: The Utilization of Subjective Evaluation in the Development of Vocoders.

For details on Subjective Test & Evaluation Services at ARCON follow this link.