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Digital Speech Processing

Acoustic and Non-Acoustic Transducer Characterization

A communication system's performance hinges on a great number of factors but it begins with the transducers used to input a talker's speech to the system. ARCON has been characterizing acoustic transducers resident to military and civilian environments in order to build testing corpora and advise user groups for over twenty years.

Today's technology has opened whole new realms in transducer technology. Ear microphones, Tooth microphones, Bone Conduction transducers, Electrical and Micro-Radar based transducers are but a few of the devices available to the designers of communication systems. Each brings it's own benefits and drawbacks. ARCON has experience in all these and more, both as stand alone devices and in combination with more traditional acoustic transducers.

ARCON provides the means necessary to understand the impact of transducer technology on the quality and intelligibility of communication systems.

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