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Noise Corpus

ARCON Corporation has produced, collected, and edited an extremely large collection of audio material for use in the evaluation of speech communication systems. This material includes field recordings of acoustic noise environments, scripted speech material, and conversational speech material. The noise recordings are mixed with speech and used to simulate of acoustic noise environments. The input speech material is used by various subjective test methodologies, and its content is specific to the various testing methodologies. ARCON's Speech Corpora contains material from multiple talkers for multiple test methodologies.

Portions of the ARCON Speech and Noise Corpora have entered the public domain and are available for a fee, whereas much is restricted to US Government use and available to government agencies and their contractors. ARCON maintains copyright and commercial rights to the distribution of the vast majority of the Speech and Noise Corpora, which is arranged through licensing arrangements with customers. For specific requests, contact the Digital Speech Processing Group at ARCON.

ARCON Noise Corpus

The ARCON Noise Corpus contains field recordings from a large number of acoustic noise environments that have been made by ARCON, the US DoD and other contractors over a period of forty years. These recordings are characterized by the use of high quality microphones, state of the art recording technologies, documentation, and accompanying sound pressure level measurements.

The Noise Corpus is detailed in Excel spreadsheet format.

    The recordings are listed by:
  • the project under which they were collected
  • any reference detailing the collection
  • the class of platform (e.g. aircraft, ship, vehicle, etc.)
  • the platform designation
  • details on the configuration of the platform during recording
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL) during recording
  • site of the recording
  • date of the recording
  • any notes specific to the recording effort

Details of the recording media and setting along with the distribution limitations are also given.

For a text only version of the ARCON Noise Corpus click here: noise corpus list.