Air Traffic Systems

Fusion Systems.

Fusion Systems

Multi-dimensional data association

Associating data from diverse sources is the fundamental problem in a fusion system. ARCON engineers successfully solved the problem of associating observations from multiple sensors over an extended time period where missed observations is an inherent phenomenon. We have mastered in the use of probabilistic data association and joint probabilistic data association algorithms when tracking multiple targets with missed detections.

Image registration and fusion

ARCON has developed significant expertise in co-registering images obtained from diverse sensors and fusing them to obtain a composite picture. We have applied various global and local registration and fusion techniques and proved to be experts in solving this important problem. Image fusion is one of ARCON's latest focus where significant developments are being made.

Distributed fusion

We stay at the forefront of embracing the latest technology for communicating data between locations that are spatially distributed and perform local fusion. Our engineers also develop optimal data scheduling and distribution algorithms for performing distributed fusion. We are involved in the research to develop distributed fusing systems that would synchronize with and supplement each other.